Monday, March 16, 2009

Debriefing . . . or the "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" Report from LLA Conference 2009

I have been reading the positive emails about the 2009 LLA Conference held here in Baton Rouge last week. I, too, was impressed with how the event turned out--lots of good programs, lots of time to catch up with colleagues, and some great entertainment in the performance of the Book Cart Drill Team from EBR Libraries.
However, I am never satisfied--particularly with myself. In that mode, I am posting my observations on the following:

"Woulda"=I would have if I had only known.

E.G., Why didn't I know that there was a lapel mic on the podium at the GODORT Breakfast?

"Coulda"=I could have if I had only thought about it more.

E. G., Why didn't I remember to pick up the gift book for the Breakfast Speaker BEFORE he left?

"Shoulda"=I really messed up, and I promise to do it differently next time!

E.G., See both examples above, and include the fact that I forgot to allocate the time for the speaker to actually eat his breakfast before he had to do his presentation!

Some ponderings on the whole issue of imperfection and conferences:

1. Never expect technology to work smoothly. Mics are sometimes hidden or don't work at all. Laptops may not be where you thought they would be. Internet access is sometimes available--and sometimes not.
2. Communication will break down at times.
3. You will forget people's names.
4. You will forget something very important.
5. Handouts are only useful when people actually receive them.
6. Someone will snap at you.
7. You will snap at someone.
8. It always looks easier than it is!

So, it was a terrrific conference; and thanks to everyone who helped make the GODORT portion of it a success--but next year, I hope to do even better.

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Anonymous said...

Steph, the conference was one of the best LLA conferences I've been to yet! The GODORT programs were awesome and I enjoyed hanging out with y'all. Good times!