Sunday, October 25, 2009


Got back late Thursday, so this is the first moment I've had to post from the conference. I'll just hit the high points (or what I can remember without having my copious notes with me here at home!).

The Louisiana Contingent consisted of: Rita Franks (LaTech), Lori Smith (Southeastern), Rebecca Blakeley (McNeese), Miriam Childs (Law Lib of Louisiana), Sonnet Brown (UNO)--a first-time attendee!, and Stephanie Braunstein (LSU)--me, of course.
Three of us gave presentations, and that's a very impressive showing for our state!

Because my presentation on the first day of conference was held at the very same time as Lori Smith's (she presented on her move from a free-standing department to a part of a larger department), I did not get a chance to catch hers. I heard from others who did attend that it was highly informative. I'll let her post for herself and give more details.

I presented as part of a 6-member panel. We were all chosen to present our institution's version of using "click-throughs" to count GPO PURL hits from our OPACs. I talked about how LOUIS provides this service for us. There seems to be a lot of interest in this topic; the room was packed.

The following day, Rebecca Blakeley dazzled the crowd with her presentation on Digital Depositories. This presentation was also SRO and used some extra special technology: Rebecca gave the formal PowerPoint portion of the presentation, and then opened up a live video session with James A. Jacobs, Data Services Librarian Emeritus, University of California San Diego--who could not attend but answered audience questions via Skype.

By now GPO should have all of the PowerPoint presentations available for viewing through the FDLP Desktop. I know I've left out lots of important details, but you can go to the Desktop and get more information there.

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