Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reporting from last month's fall 2010 Depository Library Conference in Arlington, VA--the High Points:

The migration from GPO Access to FDsys is on target and should be completed by the end of December 2010.

Ithaka S+R will once again do a study on the FDLP--this time at the request of GPO. Please open and take a look at the website set up by Ithaka so that you can understand the purpose and process of this study.

GPO has given us some new promotional tools, among them a "User Survey." Click here to link to Lori Smith's announcement of this survey, and then follow the link from there to participate.


Read the October 2010 Program Update found on the ASERL site. After you open this link to the main page, look in the right hand frame for "Managing FDLP Collections Across the Region"; then click on "Project Page." After opening that page, scroll down to "Current Program Activity Update."

Details pertaining to the plan which have been discussed by members of the ASERL community include the following:

  • Handling ILL requests
  • Disposal lists policies and procedures
  • Digitization facilitation and modeling
  • Questions on how to handle the listing of microfiche

If you have specific questions or comments, either leave them on this post or email me at

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