Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Public Access Assessments Reassurance

Louisiana Selectives:

I am almost done turning in your assessment surveys.  As they arrive in DC, GPO will be contacting you to make a date for a phone consultation.  The text below is taken directly from the FDLP Desktop and helps explain how the PAA's are done.  You may note that I've emphasized the ideas about "work in progress."  It's very important to let the GPO Representative know what your situation is and any ways you are working (or even planning) to improve it.  GPO is there to help, not to harass. 

So, take a quick look at the info below.  If you have questions as your turn to be consulted comes up, let me know.  I'll be at ALA from the 26th to the 3rd but plan to check email frequently.

From the FDLP Desktop/Requirements/Guidance:

Contact GPO and your regional librarian if you have any questions or you wish to discuss your library's individual situation and the different options available.

Please remember that a PAA does not evaluate individual library staff members. It is, rather, an evaluation of your library's Federal depository operations and services for which the library administrator has ultimate responsibility.

Individual depository libraries make local determinations on how to apply the FDLP legal and program requirements and GPO evaluates libraries within context. GPO outreach librarians assess the conditions at an individual library on the day of the review to provide a snapshot of the depository operation and services.

The outreach librarians also give the library credit for work in progress or plans the library is developing that will enhance or improve depository operations or services.

GPO librarians are also aware that changes in the library environment may be beyond your control and have an impact on Federal depository operations or services.

If you find that your library is not currently meeting all requirements and regulations, you may determine alternate processes or procedures that you will pursue to bring your library into greater compliance. Some activities take time, such as cataloging a large collection.

The library specialist notes in a PAA any efforts your library makes.

Please note that there are many ways to fulfill requirements and regulations in the FDLP. GPO personnel and your regional librarians are available to discuss options and best practices with you. Take advantage of the FDLP network of expertise that is available to you for consultation.

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