Friday, November 13, 2015

Email Sent Ref 2015 Biennial Survey

It’s that time again—the Biennial Survey & Library Needs Assessment!

I’ve gotten a few emails from Selectives that have already completed the survey—and at least one question concerning how to answer Questions 2/2a.

These are the questions in which you are asked to estimate the number of users for your entire collection and the number of users for your depository collection as a discrete sub-set.  To complicate things even more, the questions ask you to give both a potential user count and an actual user count of these two user groups. 

Looking again (and again!) at these questions and remembering what other Regionals have said about them, I offer you this suggestion from one of my Regional colleagues:

. . . we based our answers to question 2 on the state's population (potential) and our institution's number of student/staff/faculty (actual). Question 2a was our institution's number of student/staff/faculty (other library services users) and a semi-educated guess (number of depository services users). 

I realize that not every one of you keeps separate stats for users of depository services; but if you do, that’s your answer to “2a: Number of Depository services users.”  However, if you do not keep stats, you really will have to do a rough estimate based on your experience with the collection; and since this same question seems to show up regularly on the Biennial Survey, you might consider keeping stats on depository usage—beginning right now—so you’ll be prepared for the next survey.

For those new coordinators who have never done a Biennial Survey, please ask me or Abby to assist.  The survey is not something to fear, but it is mandatory.  GPO will not let you rest until you’ve turned one in! 

And, finally, if you haven’t been able to locate the survey yet, here’s a screen shot of what it looks like on the FDLP Desktop:

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