Thursday, June 4, 2009

Newest Suggested changes to Appendix 5: Change 3

The information below should be updated and moved to the previously mentioned addendum. In this addendum, reference would be made to the current agreement among Regional Libraries to hold certain superseded titles (noting that this agreement is in discussion at this time); and reference would be made to the recently disseminated "Guidelines for Depository Libraries: Substituting Online for Tangible Versions of Depository Publications by Selectives."

Titles that LATECH and LSU agreed to retain from the 1991 publication “Regional
Libraries Superseded Decisions, 1989-1991.”Other titles that the Regional
Libraries have decided to retain. (Selective Libraries will receive a list of
any titles that Regional Libraries retain based on local retention policy
decisions. This list will be modified semi-annually, if needed).

If a library supplements or replaces depository material by purchasing the same
title in another format, e.g., microform or CD-ROM, the depository items cannot
be bartered or exchanged and must be offered to the regional library if the
purchasing library wishes to dispose of them. Under these circumstances, the
discarding library does not need to adhere to the five-year retention period but
may offer the depository items at the time of replacement.

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