Thursday, June 4, 2009

Newest Suggested changes to Appendix 5: Change 1

First suggested change (note that sentences above and below text to be changed are retained to give context to the proposed changes):

Items listed on a discard list must have been received in the depository library five or more years prior to the date of the discard request.

CHANGE FROM: Superseded items included on discard lists at the request of Louisiana’s Regional Depositories are an exception to the five-year rule.

CHANGE TO: Exceptions to this rule include superseded items and tangible items being replaced by online equivalents. Details of these exceptions can be found in "Addendum XXX" [An addendum would be created explaining these exceptions.]

Selective libraries wishing to withdraw documents should consult the Federal Depository Library Handbook for general rules on how to treat withdrawn material. It should be noted that no library is required to discard any depository library materials.

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